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Ekiti Govt commences second phase of palliatives distribution

 ....As Oyebanji rallies support for Tinubu


The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, on Friday, flagged off distribution of the second phase of palliatives to Ekiti masses, barely two weeks after it commenced the transfer of N5,000 monthly to indigent citizens in the state.


The Governor pointed out that his respect for the citizens is borne out of the fact that he recognises the citizens as his boss.


Oyebanji also rallied support for the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the removal of the fuel subsidy, clarifying that the policy was not intended to punish the citizens, but to fortify the economy for a greater and prosperous future.


Oyebanji spoke in Ado Ekiti, while flagging off the distribution of the second tranche of the palliatives to the indigenes to cushion the effects of subsidy removal on them.


Addressing the beneficiaries at the  Osuntokun Pavilion, Government House ground, Oyebanji said one year has gone in the life of his administration, promising that the remaining years will be better in terms of greater economic prosperity, infrastructural development and improved standards of living of the populace.


"But if our government is doing something you don't like, kindly tell us, we are not infallible. Tell the political appointees or elected people in your constituencies, they will tell us, so that we can correct ourselves. You are the one who voted for me, you are the boss and not me". 

The Governor declared that the consumables, comprising rice and maize, to be distributed in the second phase, were provided by the Federal and state governments to mitigate the effects of subsidy removal.


Oyebanji said: "I have told you that I will always  lead you with truth. Our President,  Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu sent some palliatives to you and we bought some to be able to go round. It is a partnership between the federal and state governments.


"These palliatives are for the poorest of the poor and whoever can take three square meal daily without stress should please resist the temptation of taking from these palliatives. It is for those who can't afford that".


Reeling out programmes he had initiated to make lives easier for the populace after subsidy removal, the Governor said: :"The state government is now running a free transport system to support our teachers and civil servants.


"We have also begun the distribution of N5,000 stipend to some poor masses, they will receive this for three months, just to reduce the current pressure. All these are just palliatives pending the time we will take concrete measures to address the current situation".


Oyebanji, who described the subsidy removal as a good and beneficial policy, added: "President Bola Ahmed Tinubu asked us to tell you that subsidy removal is to make our future better, not to punish us. It could have been better if the past administrations had removed the subsidy.


"So, I plead with you, continue to pray for President Tinubu and my government. Let me tell you that Ekiti is the first state to distribute the second batch and we will continue to reach out to you as we get these in batches from the federal government".


The Governor added that apart from palliative distribution to the poor, those running poultry businesses will receive trucks  of maize to make them thrive and contribute to economic development.


The Commissioner for Agriculture and Chairman of the Pallaitive Distribution Commiitee, Mr Ebenezer Boluwade, said the state had earlier received 3,000 bags of rice from the Federal Government and had distributed them to the citizens in the first batch.


He said this action shows the power of sensitivity, empathy and sympathy of Governor Oyebanji's government, which indicated that his administration can show compassion to the citizens to mitigate the current effect of the economy on them.


"Compassion should be a guiding principle to all Nigerian citizens, especially at this point. It is also part of our lives in Ekiti to show empathy to humanity. We call on individuals and private organisations to join the government to make lives meaningful for our people. We will ensure that every household gets their own share of these largesse".

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