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Meet Nollywood Actress Margret Olafare Adesoji


Magret Olafare Adesoji is a film maker, Nollywood actor, script writer, Enterpreneur, MD CEO at Talk2arik TVRecently in a chat with CityPeople Reporter, Titi Akinbo Oshunlalu, she speaks on her acting career and her business.

 Can we meet you?

 My names are Omobola Margret Olafare, I am a native of Ile Ife in Osun State. I was born on the 20th of March 1979. I am an actress and I am married to Mr Emmanuel Adesoji and we are blessed with beautiful children.

 What do you do?

 I am an actress and a businesswoman.

 As an actress and a businesswoman, how best can you describe yourself?

 I will describe myself as a peaceful person, calm and reserved, but very strict.

 If you are not acting what else would you be doing?

 Aside acting, I love business. I love buying and selling and exploring the world of business.  I love taking risks. I love engaging in new business ideas.

 What are the challenges you face as an actress?

 Sincerely, I don't really face any challenges in my acting career and that is because I am taking it slowly and steadily, I know what I want with my movie career and I am pursuing it calmly.

 Who are your role models in the industry?

 Shola Shobowale remains my role model.

 Can you mention the films you have featured in?


I have been featured in Owiwi, Mosinu, Iboji, Kanda, Awari, and Ija Omode to mention a few.

 What film/ movie gave you a breakthrough?

 I think Iboji and Kanda gave me a breakthrough.

 What year did you start your acting career?

 I started acting since year 2005.

 Name some of your first films

 Owiwi, produced by Laolu Layewu.

 Can we talk about your family and your background?

 Yes sure

 I am the first child of a family of 6. I went to Osun State Polytechnic Iree, I studied Mass Communication and I graduated in 2004. 

Who do you like to act with in the industry?

 I like to act with everyone. 

Have you produced a film of your own? 

Yes I have 

Can you name the film? 

Yes, I produced Olorun Esan in 2008, Iboji in 2020, Awari in 2021, Kanda in 2021, and Ota Obirin 1 & 2 in 2022. 

Can we also talk about your business? 

I am into selling of clothes and accessories for ladies' and men attire, I am also the CEO of Talk2arik Films affiliated with Talk2arik Innovation. 

Can you tell us about your marketers? 

The truth is that I don't produce for marketers, Talk2arik innovation is a big film on its own, I produce with my name while Talk2arik is my executive producer, but, you can find my films on my YouTube Channel. 

Can you name your social media handles / YouTube Channels? 

Margret_Olafare (IG), Talk2arik_innovation (IG), Talk2Ariktv ( YouTube) Margret Olafare Adesoji ( Fb) 

Can you tell us the roles you played in every of your films? 

I played the role of Darasimi in Awari, in Kanda I played the role of Margret, in Iboji I played the role of Omobola the wife of Funsho Adeolu character, while in Ota Obinrin, I am the wife of a legend actor Wale Akorede (Okunu ) who later married to another legend actor Taiwo Hasan (Ogogo ) I am Omolayo in that film and I must say Ota obinrin is indeed a movie to watch. 

How do you merge home, acting, business, wife and mother together?

 Once you love what you are doing, there will always be a way, I love family. I love business, I love acting so I always find a way for the three. In fact, I love cooking, and in my house no one cooks except me. 

Can we know your business name?

 My business name is TALK2ARIK INNOVATION 

Advice to young actors? 

My advice to young actors and actresses is: be yourself, don't force it, be determined and don't be at anyone's mercy. 

Appreciation to your fans?


I appreciate my fans all over the world, without you there is no me, you all are the real star maker,  you are stars that brighten my career.

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