c93c4aea9e16b46e7d5534c7c499d2a7 At The Classy Traditional Wedding Of YETUNDE ODUSANYA To ADEOLU OLUWALERE



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It was a classy wedding ceremony in Lagos. And a celebration galore in Victoria Island on the 29th of April, 2023, as two love birds, Yetunde and Adeolu had their Engagement done in grand style.

The Engagement ceremony started a few minutes past two. The Alaga Ijoko ushered in the Bride's parents and family. The Bride's Mother looked beautiful in her Aso-Oke and danced in alongside the family members. After dancing in, they all took their seats in the spaces provided for them. After the Bride's parents had danced in, the Groom's parents were also ushered in by the Alaga Iduro. They danced in to where the Bride's family were seated and as the culture demanded, they greeted the Bride's family before taking their seat. After the introduction of both families, the Groom was ushered in. The handsome Groom danced in alongside his friends. They all danced into where both families were seated. And as with the culture of Yoruba, the Groom prostrated to greet his Bride's family with respect to them as tradition demands. After the Groom got up, he took pictures with his new parents and danced to his seat to await the arrival of his Bride.

The Alagas kept the event lively with their songs and chants till the Bride arrived.

Finally, the moment everyone anticipated came. It was the Bride's grand entrance. The bride, looking astonishing in her purple Aso Oke, danced in with her friends. Her friends cheered her up as she danced showing off different dancing steps. When she got to where the families were seated, she knelt down before her mother as her mother prayed and blessed her. Her mother used the veil to cover her as she said goodbye to her mother's home to go to her husband's home. After she got to her husband's family, the Groom's mother unveiled her and prayed for her as she knelt down. After all prayers had been rendered, the bride danced over to where the  Groom was sitting patiently, waiting for her.


The next was the  Grand  Reception  Party

The hall was beautifully decorated with lovely flowers, chandeliers hanging beautifully from the ceiling. The tables were set in a lovely manner, and flowers were properly arranged on both sides of the aisle.  The seat of the couple was also beautifully decorated. The Ushers were at the door, ready to welcome the guests with beaming smiles on their faces, as the live band, Shuga band was also welcoming the guests with lovely music, which got the guests into their dancing shoes immediately.  MC Ajele started the event by welcoming the guests and making sure they were relaxed and enjoying the party.

The MC ushered the Bride's parents to dance in, followed by the Grooms parents. The friends of the bride and groom were also ushered in next.

And the moment everyone anticipated arrived, as the couple danced in. The couple danced in, hand in hand and showed off different dance steps till they got to their seat.

After the opening prayer, the couple were invited for their first dance.  The couple's first dance was a moment that blew the guests away. The couple, hand in hand, dancing and looking into each other's eyes while the guests watched in awe and cheered the couple on.

The MC invited the Chairman of the occasion to give his speech. In the chairman's speech, he prayed for the couple and gave them pieces of advice that will be useful to them in their journey together as a couple.

The next thing was The Cutting of the cake.

The Mc officiated the cutting of the cake after counting the number of children the couples would like to have.

The live band, Shuga Band thrilled the guests with their lovely songs. All the guests were seen dancing round the couple to show them their love and support.

-Report By Iretiogo Oloyede

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