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Why Real Estate Guru, Tobi Awosoga Usually Turn Heads @ Parties

Have you ever encountered Tobi Awosoga at a party before?? If you have, you must have noticed her dead gorgeous look. She always looks beautifully attired.

There is no party she walks into that she doesn't become the cynosure of all eyes on account of her dressing. This is because she not only dresses well, she carries whatever she wears well. She usually looks hot from head to toe.

She knows what to wear to parties that will make the whole party take a 2nd and 3rd look at her Poise and Carriage. She knows how to coordinate her dressing from her Gele to her outfit, jewellery, to her shoes and bags.

On Sunday 23rd April 2023, she stole the show at an event in Sagamu-Remo, Ogun State. She looked dazzling. And she got commended for her tantalisingly beautiful look.

We recently got her to tell us the secrets of her lovely looks.  "It is very simple. I know my shape and I decide to always wear what suits my shape," she said. "Once you do that  you can't go wrong."

How does she decide what she wears to parties? "I do it effortlessly. It's in me already, so I just go into my closest to pick and combine.  Trust me it's always unique."

How does she prepare for what she wears? How does she put everything together?

"I buy lots, so it's always available even before any event." What does Style mean to her? How does she define Fashion?  "Style to me must be classy, cool and unique.

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