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Islamic Singer, Iyanghana, Reveals How She Got Her Stage Name

Everyone calls her Iyanghana, but her real name is Basirat Ogunremi. She is a leading Islamic singer and she has a huge followership because she sings well.

How is she observing the Holy month of Ramadan, we asked her. "I am observing it according to Allah's will, that as soon as we enter the month of Ramadan we have to fast to glorify his name, not only should we fast, we should pray and ask him for whatever we want and he shall answer us. We should be righteous during this month of Ramadan, always give Zakat and recite the Holy Quran.

How is her music career going on? "Well, I give thanks to almighty Allah for the outstanding progress in my chosen career. All is well."

What year did she start singing and how did she start? "I started singing in the year 1992. I started from Morkaz Nurul Islam, under our prominent and great father, Sheikh Daud Abdul Majeed Alfa Nla at Agege."

How did she get the stage name Iyanghana? Is she from Ghana? Where was she born?

"The name Iyanghana was developed because I was born in Ghana. But 3 months after my birth, they brought me to Nigeria. So that's where the name Iyanghana originated from."

What is her real name? "My real name is Basirat Adebayo. But after marriage, I was called Basirat Ogunremi."

"I grew up in Agege Isale Oja and Agbotikuyo, and I must say I had nice and also terrible childhood memories.

I schooled at Agege. I attended Unity Primary School, then I continued my ⁷secondary education at Girls High School. Then went further to study at LASU which is the acronym for Lagos State University."

We got her to tell us about her career. "Hmmmmm, the answer attached to this question is a very long, exhilarating and touching one."

"But I thank Allah for making me successful. Though I am still facing some challenges in the music industry, I believe that Allah will crown my hard work with success because there is no human being on earth that won't pass through certain challenges, but with strong faith, hope and prayer we shall pass through them without any course to cry. Ameen Kunfayakun.

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