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Revealed! What New York Celebrity Woman, Dr.Olufola Soetan Will Miss About Her Late Mum

Dr. Olufola Soetan is a beautiful woman, who is based in New York. She is the CEO of Divas Exclusives. She recently turned 64, but she is still blessed with a stunning look, which makes her look younger.

The sad news is that she recently lost her mum, at the age of 98. This came shortly after Dr Soetan's 64th birthday. It was a few weeks back. Yeee! Erin Woo! was how she announced the passing of her mum.   "My Iroko Tree has fallen @ 98. My Mentor, My Prayer Warrior."

Her mum was a top shot in C & S. She is Rev. Apostolic Mother, Ibironke Theresa Akanke Dawodu Ajoke, alias Iya Adua, Iya London, Iya Gbogbo.

A few days back, CityPeople got her to reveal what she will miss about her mum. "I have been so devastated since her passing away in my arms," she explained. "You won't believe it. My mother gave birth to me on a Monday at the age of 34, died on a Monday at the age of 98, at my age of 64. I am No7 out of 8 births."

"My mother was a beautiful soul who was always there for anyone who came to her with their problems.

 Her home was open to all, and her hospitality made them feel valued.


 She was the most loving, humble, compassionate, understanding, family-oriented woman I'd ever met. I'm going to miss my mum terribly."


"My mum was a person to the rest of the world, but the entire world to me.

She instilled in me the value of love and endurance, she taught me how to pray without relenting."


"My mum was the truest, dearest, and more to me than a mother.

My mum was precious,  a gift from God with so much beauty, grace, love, and patience."

 "In many ways, my mum touched my heart.

Even on  the darkest days, her strength and smile reminded me that I had an angel by my side."


"I adore my mum, I am so heartbroken right now, that my mum is no longer here. It is so difficult to accept reality. my heart bleeds."

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