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UK Based Event Planner, Lola Awosika Reveals Her Success Story

She is one of the most successful Naija female entrepreneurs in the UK. She is doing so well. She is a top-notch Events Planner who is well-known for planning great events and parties.

She is the CEO of P2P Events. A few days back, CityPeople got this stunning beauty to reveal her success secrets.

"I have been in the events and entertainment industry in the UK for over 30 years," she told CityPeople Magazine.


"My initial stamp in the industry was one of the first and well renowned

Black African children’s party entertainer in London for over three decades. l

later began to see the gaps with the lack of proper planning and execution at various events, including events, not limited to the ones I entertained for, but more so events I attended as a guest."

"Frequently, I found myself having to help out to ensure operational elements of events were more organised  in order for it to be a successful event."

"This assistance translated to passion - I discovered it was my gift. Often, people would comment on my involvement in events  referring to my contribution as perfect / perfectly planned." 

"As a Business development manager, an HR  Consultant and a chartered marketer, by profession, as well as the soft skills required were second nature.

My experience and expertise in terms of managing clients' expectations, vendors, projects  and events as a whole was something I did 9 to 5 Monday to Friday."


"So, over a decade ago, I took the leap of faith in formalising my passion into a commoditized business and thus using the words of those who benefited from my skills - we birthed Plan 2 Perfection, abbreviated as P2P Events & I must say  glory be God!"


According to Lola Awosika, P2P Events (Plan2Perfection) is  an outfit that provides a wide range of services; described as unique and exclusive, bringing creativity, fun, excitement, productive planning and perfection to any event."


"This includes weddings (traditional & modern), birthday  parties, product and business launches, Festival/outdoor events, conferences and trade shows to mention a few."


"As the CEO, I operate daily as an Events Consultant, supported by my P2P Events team. We are very passionate about the quality of service we deliver and always pay special attention to detail – the ‘open’ secret to our success." 

"P2P services span the globe and believe our only limit is finished and well-executed production. No event is too small or big for P2P events."

"We believe any challenge is an opportunity to infuse a creative slant to your event thereby making it absolutely unique."

P2P Events services brings your Concepts and Dreams to reality by Planning 2 Perfection


The CEO Lola Awosika says why not reach us immediately, through our

website-www.P2P-events.co.uk or via Instagram- @p2p__events

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