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London Celebrity Woman, Mother Celestial Prophetess, Adetutu Olowe-Ogunleye On Life @ 50

As you read this, Mother Celestial Prophetess Adetutu Olowe-Ogunleye is in a happy mood right now. The countdown to her birthday has begun. She has hit the Golden age of 50.

This beautiful London celebrity woman looks far younger than her age. Over the years, she has been able to maintain her refreshing and youthful look. She is also blessed with a great figure that compliments her good looks.

She lives in London where she runs a flourishing business. She is the CEO of Damsey Boutique. That is where she got her nickname, Iya Alaso.

She is a big dealer in Laces, Sultana (White Church Garments), Amure, Altar Clothes, Tithe Boxes, Perfumes, Cross and many more. And she is well known for this business.

How does she plan to celebrate her 50th birthday? How does she feel at 50? These and many more were the questions CityPeople put to her a few days back. “I feel happy. For the Lord is good and His mercy endureth forever...I am deeply in thought of GOD’S GRACE upon my life. That’s why I have come before HIS Throne of GRACE to give thanks for being my backbone, my shield and my strength. This is because l have gone through thick and thin and I am still standing.

 I plan to celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness in my life for the past 5 decades, starting from the day l was born which is, January 24th at my Church 'CCC SHALOM PARISH, LONDON to give glory and praise to Him alone that has shown me mercy and favour from my childhood till date and, that motivated me to invite friends and families to celebrate with me.

 And on Saturday the 28th of January, 2023, there will be a party at the OASIS BANQUETING HALL in London."

Turning fifty is a milestone in anyone's life. I am overwhelmed, so ecstatic that God is faithful to me in all ramifications. I feel the impact of God every day of my life and I bless God that has not forsaken me.

We got her to tell us about her business, Damsey Boutique."It is a vision given to me by Grace. Damsey boutique is mainly a store that focuses on selling unique items to all white garments churches worldwide e.g Sutanas, customised lace, trimmings, altar clothes, tithes boxes and spiritual items or items targeted at a niche market for all-white garments churches worldwide. 

Damsey Boutique products are usually of higher quality because they are all branded."

What sort of a person is Mother Celestial Prophetess Adetutu Olowe-Ogunleye, we asked her? "She is a fearless and selfless woman of God. In a nutshell, she is an epitome of a MOTHER, she loves and cares for us her children, adopted children and all sundry."

"She is a teacher teaching us never to be afraid, to be strong and endure the storms of life, that those storms are stepping stones to an excellent life."

"She will break a leg just to make sure her loved ones are ok. She loves irrevocably. 

She lives an enviable life and amongst her peers, she distinctly stood out. Those who were privileged to have met her will testify to the fact that she has foresight, she is an excellent Mentor, a true disciplinarian to the core."

"Those virtues of living a modest life are the things going for all of us your children- both non-biological and biological."

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