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Occasion Caterers and Rental Services is fast becoming one of the most patronised catering services in town. The Lagos-based outfit has travelled far and wide across the length and breadth of Nigeria providing top-notch foods at events and parties.  Alhaja Ganiyat Mustapha is the CEO and brain behind Occasion Caterers and Rental Services. CityPeople has been seeing her and her caterers at many top events recently. It, therefore, engaged her in a chat where she revealed why many celebs want them to provide food for guests at their occasions.

 Can we know what Occasion Caterers and Rental Services is all about?


Occasion Caterers and Rental Services have been in existence for about 15 to 18 years. We started the company in 2005 and since then we have been providing food and rental service at both corporate and social events. We do small chops and many varieties of food, any type of food, we provide that.


Tell us how far you have gone in the business?


We go anywhere around the country to provide services. We have been to Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ilesha, and Oyo, in fact anywhere you invite us, we come and give you the best. It’s part of us and part of what we enjoy doing. Do call us and we are at your service.


Do you have branches in other states?


No. We are based in Lagos but we move around when invited to provide services outside Lagos.


What varieties of food do you prepare and serve at events?


We provide quality food.  We’ve got many varieties like Jollof, fried and Ofada rice, different types of soups, depending on your choice, Croaker fish, Pepper soup, Yam and Sauce, Amala on point, Pounded yam, Efo Riro, Efo Elegushi, Beans and Plantain, Moi Moi, etc. We do Chinese and also Continental foodsOur advice for our extended/yet-to-know-us customers is that they should patronise us. 

Why do many celebs prefer to have your outfit for their party?


The truth is that when we get invited to provide services at an event, we give our best which attracts more customers to us. They love our food so much that they keep requesting for our complimentary cards here and there. Some of them walk straight to us to commend us and say our foods are very delicious. Going the extra mile to prepare sumptuous meals at events makes us highly sought-after for events and parties.

Her office: 1, Sala Odin Ogudu GRA, Pako bus top, Lagos is a beehive for prospective celebrants and event planners who are booking dates and spaces to get her magic touch in their respective forthcoming events.

A trial will definitely convince you!

Phone number - 08029434118,  IG: Occasioncaterers, 

Facebook: Occasion Caterers and Rental Services

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