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Oba Osoja, The Onikogbo of Ikogbo In Ogun State Prepares For 15th Coronation Anniversary


How time flies! Have you heard the big news? That Oba (Engr) Dr. Nurudeen Osoja, the Onikogbo of Ikogbo Kingdom has spent 15 years on the throne of his forebears. And the whole kingdom is agog, as everyone is preparing for that great event which will see the 15th-year Coronation Anniversary and conferment of chieftaincy titles on some distinguished Nigerians.

The celebration holds on 23rd December 2022 at Ikogbo Ejila-Awori in Ogun State.

A few days back, he told CityPeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde what to expect. Below are excerpts. 

Congratulations on your 15th Coronation Anniversary. How do you feel?

 Thank you for your congratulatory remarks. First, I give and return all adorations to the Almighty God for His infinite mercy. More importantly, for this great privilege of celebrating the 15th year on the throne of my forefathers. 

Well, summarily, I feel elated and delighted. For obvious reasons, we all love to see ourselves counting days, weeks, months and years on good causes. So, Onikogbo is not an exception to that circumstance-induced love and feeling.

What form will the celebration take?

The celebration is going to be in a grand style as it has a series of activities to be unleashed. A total of 5 days have been set aside and planned to make the 15th coronation anniversary memorable.

Each day has one or two outlined events ranging from youth sensitization to women's forums and many more.

Specifically, the fifth day, 23rd December 2022, is tagged 'Grand Finale. The grand finale would serve as a round-off for all planned activities. Also, it is the day that special dignitaries, family, friends, and well-wishers are all invited to felicitate with Onikogbo of Ikogbo kingdom.

Tell us about Life as Onikogbo...

It has been amazing and tasks oriented. Doubtlessly, these tasks are responsibilities, since leadership is more of responsibilities than merriment. However, I must acknowledge that these responsibilities keep moulding a better Onikogbo that can successfully manage people of diverse mindsets and backgrounds.

Have you been able to attract development to Ikogbo? How has life been as Onikogbo?

Generally, life and experiences have taught me that development isn't as important as the sustainability of development. Having understood that fact about life, I decided not to focus only on the development of Ikogbo but also on what would naturally attract development and sustainability of development in Ikogbo Kingdom.

 Then, to actualize this, I employed a suitable, trusted and viable tool. If you ask me what is that tool that guarantees both development and sustainability, I will gladly tell you that the unique tool is 'unity'.

Unity to me is paramount in Ikogbo, since it is widely believed that united we stand and divided we fall. Therefore, I created and monitored a united structure—whose aim is to give all inhabitants of Ikogbo a sense of inclusion and belonging. This single tool has aided me in facilitating the development to the Ikogbo kingdom.

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