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CityPeople Celebrates US Based Celebrity Woman, Mrs Beatrice Mojisola Abijo @ 80

Come 19th November 2022, Mrs. Beatrice Mojisola Abijo, mother of US-based Nigerian big boy, Dr. Olajuwon Abijo popularly known as Mama Custom will be celebrating her 80th birthday in Arlington, Texas, in a big way. 


Guests are turning up in all White. Adorned in rich Wine and Gold Aso-ebi headtie and fila/accessories!


A few days back, this woman of substance told CityPeople how she feels at 80, and the many reasons why she is thankful to God. 

"I feel so happy and blessed to celebrate my new life at 80," she told CityPeople."I Thank God and my family for being by my side through this journey."


What are the lessons life has taught her at 80? "I realised that life itself is empty without God and service to humanity through genuine love. Love is everything."


How did she end up living in the US? "My first sojourn to a foreign country was in the 60s when I went to join my husband  and also to further my education."


Where was she born? Where did she grow up? "I was born in Sagamu to the prestigious Adetu family and married to another prestigious and big family, the Abijos."


 "I grew up in Aroloya in Lagos whilst my late father worked with UAC and my mum a Teacher who later became a successful trader/businesswoman. I relocated back to Sagamu to continue  my education and later went to Germany to study."


"I have 5 children. Two Doctors in their respective fields, one Director in one of Nigeria's parastatals, another works for a Texas-based Non for profit Organization and my youngest just completed his Masters Degree program."


I am from the Koyelu Ruling house from the maternal side and the Anoko Ruling house from the paternal side both in Sagamu.


How does she plan to celebrate her birthday? "I was planning something quiet with my Children but they had another plan. To God be the glory."


We got her to talk about her husband and family. "My late husband was Engineer Hakeeb Olasupo Abijo, a  loving husband and father, a great socialite who was popularly known as " Arab Akins" among his friends. He was very strict but unassuming. He was a  lover of education and hard work loved by all and sundry. May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen."

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