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Teju Baby Face & Ranti Agbaminoja Are Set To Host Anathema, The Docudrama


Anathema, a documentary film about the white garment churches will have its world premiere on Friday, November 11, 2022, at the Irving Arts Center, Texas, the United States of America.

This documentary from the stable of Cheser Media Inc. sets out to explore the church; its inception and its journey so far.

This project, through an artistic medium, also documents the growth and challenges of the Aladura churches by exploring contributions from members and non-members, who share their personal experiences, views and stigmatization.

Its first soundtrack, titled: “Egbe Kerubu tiye” was released in June, while it features Seraph gospel acts, Dare Fashola; Israel Classic; ID Olohun Iyo and ID Tones. The soundtrack had since earned positive remarks from across board.

The docudrama which was shot both in Nigeria and the US, features notable members of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, as well as the Celestial Church of Christ. It also features renowned personalities in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The Executive producer, Pastor Sam Ogunyooye, said the project is a complement to various efforts by passionate adherents to tell the story of the church, adding that Anathema, though is in a unique class of its own.

He said, “Anathema is a vehement dislike for something. But sometimes people seem to dislike what they have little or no knowledge about. This informed the need to tell the story in a way that captures the light of the church, cutting across all demography, especially the younger generation who are the future of the church.”

“It is imperative to bring on Nollywood personalities, as their input is critical to what we tend to achieve, given their portrayal of the white garment church in movies,” Ogunyooye added.

According to him, the significance of the project is to equally ensure that the story, in its contemporary setting, is told in a less controversial, yet simplified way that appeals to the yearnings of those who wish to know what the origin of the church looks like. The documentary is produced by Francisca Eleyele.

The project coordinator, Bod Olaibi, says preparations for the premiere is in top gear and finishing touches are being put to the epoch-making event to be anchored by popular TV host/ Comedian Teju Babyface.

The Chief PRO of the C & S Unification Church of Nigeria, Ap Muyiwa Adeyemi said the docudrama tries its best to tell the story of the white garment churches and correct certain fallacies and misconceptions about white garment churches.

He said the film will also come to Nigeria after its premiere in the United States and commended Pastor Sam for his contribution to the rebranding of white garment churches

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