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Skincare Queen,Yeye Oge Bisola Adekoya Reveals How Ladies Can Have A Good Skin


Yeyeoge Bisola Adekoya is a beautiful celebrity lady who makes other celebrities look beautiful. She is a skincare Specialist who is naturally blessed with glowing skin. And she has helped very many ladies have smooth and healthy skin that glows.

Once other ladies see her skin, they all want to know the secret behind her glowing skin. That is when they usually get to know she is a skin expert.

What is her advice to celebrity ladies on how to achieve a good skin?

"They need to drink a lot of water. Don’t smoke.  Drinking less alcohol. Getting enough sleep. Eating fruits and vegetables. Protecting against effects of sun. They should exfoliate their skin 3 times a week. They should

moisturise their skin”, she explained.

What are the major mistakes celebrity women make with their skin, we asked her. And reeled out a whole lot.

"Many women make the mistake of buying skin care products simply because they see it on TV, in a magazine, or endorsed by a celebrity."

 "While there’s no harm in trying a “trendy” product, it’s important to determine its value for your skin type before spending your money on it."

"Secondly, relying on make for Flawless and glowing skin."

"Going to bed without washing off their face and having makeup on till the next day."

"Not Using Vitamin C.

If you’re not yet using Vitamin C in your skincare routine, you’re missing out. Vitamin C for skin offers a variety of benefits including firmer, smoother, and brighter skin. Vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant which can help brighten the skin and help with overall skin texture and tone."

"Not Using an Eye Cream when you’re young.

Using an eye cream is often associated with aging skin. This is why many women wait until their 40s or 50s before they add them to their skin care routine."

How does she feel helping other women have a good skin? "I feel good”, she says.

"Bringing out the beauty in people skin always gives me unexplainable Joy. It is a thing i love doing right from my secondary school days."

What is YeyeOge Bisola Adekoya's area of specialisation in beauty care? She is the CEO of

Bysogold skincare.

"We specialise in the treatment of any form of skin problem like

White dots cream,

Stretch marks cream,

Dark knuckles cream,

Pimples/acne cream,

Pink lips cream,

Children glowing cream,

Whitening cream,

Whitening soap,

Chocolate lotion, and

Chocolate soap.

"We also offer training on our products.

We take care of the skin and bring out the beauty in you."

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