c93c4aea9e16b46e7d5534c7c499d2a7 US Movie Star, Ranti Jacobs Agbamiwoja Becomes Face Of Wendy Solutions In Nigeria



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US Movie Star, Ranti Jacobs Agbamiwoja Becomes Face Of Wendy Solutions In Nigeria


Congratulations to Ranti Jacobs Agbaminoja as she becomes the Face of Wendy Solutions and a newly online launched company in Nigeria where businesses can market their stocks, product, and services. It is a virtual Marketplace that implements Barter Eco-system. 



In an interview with Ranti, she expresses her gratitude for such an initiative of bringing entrepreneurs, small businesses, local traders, and even international tycoons to come to build under one tent of Solution called "Wendy Solutions." The fact that Wendy's Solution re-initiated Barter -is- Back gives me the zeal to accept the offer to be the face. It simply tells me that if you can't afford it with the cash, you can still own it with what you have without any hassle.

 With the situation of things in Nigeria presently, many families have more than enough items they don't need but can't afford to let go of because of what it costs them to own them. But right now, the good news is you don't have to hold on to what you don't need or use anymore just because you want it to sit in your home. You can happily trade it in to get what you need that you cannot afford.



The most exciting part of this initiative is that local businesses can participate; we have seen much online shopping without bragging. In addition, Wendy Solution is the first company in a long while in Nigeria to engage in a multilateral Barter system using such technology for good exchanges without blabbing.



Also, the idea of Wendy Kitchen, where you can get all you want in categories to feed yourself and your guests or cater for your events while you sit and see your order delivered with peace of mind, is a wow for me. 


Wendy Solution has a 24-Hour Restaurant Service with delivery. All you need to do to enjoy the space is create an account at    https://wendy.solutions to enjoy the Barter by exchanging what you have for what you need.



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