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London Celebrity Lady, Foluso Adebayo Reveals Why She Loves To Help Autistic Children

Let's get to meet you. What do you do?

My name is Foluso  Adebayo

I am an IT Director, an Entrepreneur, Property Developer, Autism Advocate and Charity founder

 You have 4 Charities What explains that?

I have 1 registered Charity, 2 Social Enterprise companies and an IT Consulting Company

Autism Treatment Support Initiative is a registered charity in England, Wales and Nigeria.  We provide support ( diagnosis,  symptoms Treatment, education and care support assessment and planning for autistic children and adults

Tade Autism Centre is a day centre for Autistic adults

Tell us about your commitment to helping autistic children

My first child is 26. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 in the UK.  It was very difficult to get an assessment and diagnosis.  We spent a lot of money and time getting his statements of educational needs in order to attend Treehouse School which was the first ABA school in the UK.  I  founded the Autism Treatment Support Initiative charity to help other families affected by Autism to get the right help and treatment for a better prognosis. I founded Tade Autism Centre ( named after my son Akintade) to help adults to generalise their skills and have a more productive life after college. I found my purpose in life through my son. Life is not just about accumulating wealth.  It is about impacting lives positively in any way one can in spite of your own troubles. This is what I have done for the past 25years with God's help and blessings

You recently celebrated Mama Foluke's 40 years of Remembrance... How did it go?

My mother died 40 years ago. I was the first child of 4 girls and I was 14 years old and about to go to university at the time. I was the youngest in my boarding school. We were waiting for my school certificate results when my mum passed.  It was very sad as she had parents and she was only 39years old. One of the promises I made was that I will ensure we are all successful and we will give her a befitting burial in future.  To God be the glory, we are all successful wives, Mothers, and professionals and we decided to celebrate her memory and life. I give God all the glory

What do you miss most about your mum?

I miss a lot of things.  I always cry when I give birth to my children as I have no mother to support and guide me. Mum was a very caring mother.  She would do anything to ensure her children were okay. I miss everything about her. I thank God that we have all turned out well. She remains our invisible guiding angel.

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