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Popular ABEOKUTA Events Planner, Kofoworola Adebayo, Talks About Her Success Story


Kofoworola Adebayo is one of the big babes currently making waves in the events business in Abeokuta, Ogun State. She is good at what she does. She understands the business, inside out. No wonder why her services are in high demand. She is the CEO of Luxury Royale Events. A few days back, CityPeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde, got her to reveal her success story. Below are excerpts of the interview.


Tell us about Luxury Royal Events. What services do you offer?

Luxury Royale, an event service provider delivers expertly tailored and designed services and delightful experiences for both corporate and individual clients. This includes Wedding planning and management, including all aspects involved, to flexible catering services that offer you options of on-site and off-site services, all party planning; large and small scale, corporate events including staff retreats and bonding expeditions, conference, restaurant sourcing and reservations, event location sourcing and decor and vendor management. We are here to fulfill your every need, and take the stress off your hands, while allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the best services we have to offer.

Our Event service boasts of being creative, yet cost-effective solutions to organising memorable and beautiful experiences worth hanging on to till your next event.

Why did you go into Events business?

Being a well organised and detail-oriented person, I have always wanted to do more for people. Along the line, I started nursing the idea of going into events as a means of livelihood while fueling my passion for planning and organising.


On quite a lot of occasions, I have had to plan events for friends and families free of charge and they all commend my organizational skills and tenacity while encouraging me to go all out and start my events planning business.


As such, I took the bold step and started off, developed further by getting professional pieces of training in events planning, management and implementation.


In a nutshell, I would say my passion led me to doing what I love and I am loving what I do.

How do you see the Events business today and how are you coping with the stiff competition?

It is no news that Nigeria is densely populated and people dabble into many things just to survive. The events business is one of the many businesses people venture into, thinking it is all rosy and plum.


It is a venture that can indeed make or mar anyone who fails to really grasp the intricacies of the business, yet quite lucrative if indeed you know what you are doing.


Being an open-minded individual, I do not dwell on the competition or competitors because my track record speaks volumes about me and for me. It paves way for more and more referrals which is essential in our line of business. No one would really be comfortable entrusting you with their events if you do not have a proven and verifiable track record. Knowing fully well there isn't any likelihood of a do-over of their occasions if per adventure there are issues.

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