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PDP's Victory In Osun Is A Message To The APC - PDP House of Reps Candidate For OSHODI-ISOLO Fed.Constituency 2 - Prince Laja Adeoye

Prince Laja Adeoye is the PDP House of Representatives Candidate for Oshodi-Isolo Federal Constituency 2. And he is out to win that seat for the PDP.

He has worked hard for it. And he has left no stone unturned in his quest to defeat all the other candidates. Recently, he spoke to CityPeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde about his plans for the forthcoming elections. Below are excerpts of the interview.


What do you make of the PDP victory in Osun? Did you see it coming?


 Well, glory be to God first of all for a successful free and fair electioneering process. It was clear from the beginning that victory was imminent for PDP and the good people of Osun state.


We had a formidable candidate who was popular, charismatic, loved by his people, credible, qualified, competent and fearless. That coupled with the full support of the party and the good people of Osun is all that was needed. And Senator Adeleke was delivered with no hassle. That is a  big win for PDP, Osun state, Democracy and Due-process.


How is your preparation for the forthcoming House of Representatives elections? How prepared are you?


I can say confidently that we’re fully prepared. PDP’s victory in Osun was a direct message and statement to the opposition that we’re fully ready to win and deliver to the good citizens of this great nation, good governance, through due Democratic processes. Though there are a few problems we’re currently dealing with in my constituency, they’ll be completely ironed out soon and we would come out with all our teams to begin a full-blown campaign.


How prepared am I?

Me and my people are 99.9% prepared because 100% is for God only (smiles)


Tell us a bit about Laja Adeoye...

 Laja Adeoye is just one small humble boy who turned out to be a businessman, an activist and politician, a defender of Justice and an investor.


I am married and I am a father, blessed with a lovely wife and two kids.


I reside in Oshodi-Isolo LGA in Lagos State, Nigeria.


Tell us a bit about your Oshodi Isolo Federal Constituency...


Oshodi-Isolo Federal Constituency is very unique in nature.


It happens to be one of the most accommodating constituencies in Lagos state where people of different origins, backgrounds, classes and chaste live together in peace, harmony and collaborate towards progress effectively. It is home to all and everyone is welcomed.


But it is not without problems, and these problems range from bad leadership and governance to less infrastructure that could lead to an economic boom and continuous negligence of the mandate of the people.


This is why after years of careful and thoughtful observations and study, deep research and networking, me and my team have devised a blueprint of workable actions that can lead to enhancing the lives of my constituents and attracting potential investors to my Constituency from the Local, State, National and International spheres.


I have come up with a #BetterDeal for my people to keep the cycle of Betterment in rotation.


People deserve good governance and the dividends of true democracy and I’m here to offer it to them without compromise.


What gives you the confidence that you will win?


God is first, my life and trust are in him only as he only never fails.


Also, I believe in the works of my hands, my past records, my relationship with people, my will and determination to fight and defend what is right and the support from the good people of Oshodi-Isolo.


I have presented myself and my plans and they’ve given me their support.


We have the people, we have the resources and we are people of due process.


We believe in a free and fair election and we’re very confident of winning it.

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