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London Celebrity Woman, Lady Kaita Lawal, Speaks On Life @ 60.

Lady Kaita Lawal is right now in a happy mood. She is a beautiful Naija celebrity woman who has lived in London for very many years and who is accomplished and fulfilled.

The big news is that she is 60 and she is celebrating it with her loved ones in London.

She has lived a good life and she doesn't look her real age. She is a mother and grandmother.

Recently, CityPeople asked her how she feels at 60. What is the feeling like we asked.

 "Am just so happy that God has proved himself in my life. I am alive to see my grandchildren, and my children have done well.

I have good health. I am so grateful to God. To God be the Glory."

How does she plan to celebrate her 60th birthday, we asked. "I will be spending it with my family and friends that have been on this journey of 60 years with me."

Why is she so grateful to God at 60? "For so many reasons.I come from a privileged family and did not lack in my childhood, but unfortunately, my parents passed before I was 25yrs and then things changed.

I was on my own and had to go through the rest without parental guidance.

Today,I am self-sufficient by God’s grace. It is tough going through this unkind world, if not for God."

What are the lessons she has learnt in life at 60? "A lot. Just to continue to do good, and expect nothing from no one.

Most of all be a Giver, and be Trusting in God."

Lady Kaita Lawal is very beautiful and stylish. What is the secret? " I have realised that my happiness is in my hands and I like to be happy."

"I try very much to be stress-free."

"Ensuring that I am not in  competition with no one and I run on my lane."

 "Today is a wonderful day for me and i am so happy. Unfortunately,I have lost some dear people in life, like my parents and the ex-governor of Oyo state, Chief Alao Akala. His wife is one of my best friends. I wish they were all here today. But God knows best.

All glory be to God."

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