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US Based Naija Celebrity Lady, HRH Bridget Imah Kolawole Set To Hold 50th Birthday In Dallas, Texas

This is the story of a big birthday party that will rock Dallas, Texas in a few days' time. It promises to be a party that will be attended by so many Naija celebrities living in and around Texas.

It is the 50th birthday of stunning beauty, HRH Bridget Imah Kolawole. She calls it a 50th birthday Feast, set to hold on Saturday 21st May 2022.

A few days ago,CityPeople got HRH to talk about her life and the joy of turning 50. How does she feel turning 50, we asked? She smiled."I feel good," she said."I feel happy and i give God all the glory."

 HRH Bridget I. Kolawole  is a mother to Prince Jesse and Prince Michael,  a wife to HRH Ayo Kolawole  and an entrepreneur. 

"I feel really blessed and vintage. It took 50 years of mining to become Gold and 70 more years to go, to become Perfectly Priceless in the porters' hands."

  "Simply put, I am a masterpiece in progress in God's hands."

How does she plan to celebrate her 50th? "It's gonna be Loud in Dallas, Texas with family, friends and well-wishers."

What are the lessons life has taught her at 50? "To be grateful and thankful,"she said.  "And to never take anyone or anything for granted. Being blessed is a privilege!"

What sort of a person is she?

"I am a well-blended Nigerian pedigree! I was born and 

grew up in Lagos, by a mixture of Urhobo & Calabar blood.

As for  my primary school education,I attended  Hope Children School in Ojo, then Tunwase Nursery/ Primary Boarding school in Ikeja,Lagos.

My secondary Education was at FGGC Benin city. My

Graduate/ Post graduate Education was at the University of Ibadan,where i graduated with Combined Honors in Philosophy & Political Science.My Youth service Corp was in Taraba.I have an

Associate degree in Science ( Pre Pharmacy) from community College of Southern Nevada."

How come she lives in the US? My living in the US just happened by fate. I actually chose to live in Paris, France where my family currently lives,  but as the saying goes " the heart us not smart".

 But the US is home now by providence.

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