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Celebrating Beautiful Lagos Caterer, Bukola Oshifeso, Who Runs Tastee Fingers Catering Services

This is the story of a beautiful Lagos Caterer who is doing so well in her business. It is the story of Bukola Oshifeso who runs Tastee Fingers Catering Services.

Recently, CityPeople got her to talk about her business and how she became successful at it.

"I'm a caterer and I cater for indoor and outdoor events and I've been in business for 15 years now," she explained.

The interesting thing is that she did not go to a catering school. She simply developed a passion for it. How did it start in 2007?

"A long time ago I went to visit my uncle and he said he needed someone to make amala for an event he had then. I jokingly said I could do it."

"Then he told me to get an estimate of things I'll need, I went around to ask about it then got back to him."

"And I made the amala, it was at the event people started asking me for my business card and everyone loved the food."

"I was first doing just Tuwo and Amala".

"But the name was always sounding like I don't do other foods, so I had to use subsidiary of Tastee fingers."

What makes her cuisine stand out from others, we asked? "It is because I always like to dish out in a unique way."

It is not the regular thing you see around, like what everyone else does. So, that way, I stand out."

No wonder why her services are in high demand. She cooks so well and her cuisine is delicious. She also serves it well.

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