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On Wednesday 6th April 2022, Canaan Solicitors, a reputable Law firm celebrated its 25th anniversary in Lagos. It was a 2-in-1 event: the 25th-anniversary celebration & Award ceremony. It was also the 55th birthday of the CEO, Otunba Kunle Adegbite.


Canaan Solicitors is a reputable law firm with many successes attached to its organisation. They have also maintained their high standard from inception, till date, as testified to by some of their clients, hence the reason, many people gathered to celebrate with them.


The anniversary and award ceremony took place at Ilupeju Recreation Hall, Ilupeju, Lagos and it played host to many of Otunba Kunle Adegbite’s friends, family, and clients. The MD/CEO of Canaan Solicitors, Otunba Kunle Adegbite looked back at the last 25 years since he started as a young Lawyer and concluded that it has been a great privilege and a rare honour for him to celebrate 25 years of Canaan Solicitors and his 55th birthday.

“Celebrating 25 years makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Most businesses in Nigeria actually pack up within 3 to 5 years because Nigeria itself is an extremely hostile business environment. So you hardly find businesses surviving this long. For us to have been on a continuous progressive format right from the beginning, up till now, it is something that is worthy of celebration” he explained.

Revealing how Canaan Solicitors started 25 years ago, he said “the firm started off as Adegbite Stephens & Co. but along the line, a name kept popping up in my mind. I prayed about it and here we are. We changed the name to Canaan Solicitors because the fulfillment of our aspiration is that we are destined for Greatness. The name “Canaan” is actually coined from the Bible.”

“It wasn’t easy for me starting at the age of 29. I have wanted to give up several times, but thanks be to God and to my mother, fortunately, she is not here today but she really supported me.”


Otunba Adegbite also talked about what life has taught him at 55. “Life has taught me a lot. I am an elder statesman now. I have been through a lot in my work and personal life. I have learnt a lot also from my experiences. I have come to realise that in life you really don’t have so much control over most of the things that happens to you. Always do your best and leave the rest. Make sure you are persistent, believe in God. Believe that nothing happens until he says so, that it is not by effort, the race is definitely not for the swift. Those are part of the things that life has taught me”.


The event started with a Seminar and the reception for the 25th anniversary followed. Otunba Kunle Adegbite also celebrated many of his associates and alumni with awards. He also appreciated a few of his dedicated workers with gifts, while his 55th birthday was also celebrated with the cutting of the cake before the party fully began.

-Reported By Sunday Adigun

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