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Otunba Yemi Saheed Lawal Honours Late Sister With The Setting Up Of A CANCER Foundation

On Tuesday 15th March 2022, Real Estate guru, Otunba Yemi Saheed Lawal set up The G5 Cancer Foundation and hosted a special prayer in honour of his sister, Alhaja Fatimo Titilayo

 Lawal Zurakat @ the Ansar-ud-deen Ablution place, located in front of his family house at 18, Akanji Odutola Street, Charity bus stop Airport Road, Oshodi.


Otunba Yemi Saheed Lawal wore an Atiku cream colour Buba and Sokoto, with a pair of Dolce and Gabbana Navy blue coloured loafers and a matching Hausa Cap.

Mrs. Ayo Lawal, his wife wore a Black and Gold gown with a black Hermes half shoe and a shoulder bag to match.

The medical volunteers who came were able to do screening for about 120 men and women, to check for colorectal cancer and other forms of cancer in people of different ages, who were able to do the cancer screening.

Both the Ansar-ud-deen women and men and people around the neighbourhood benefited from the programme.

The  Coordinators of the volunteers are Dr Aishat Zurakat Adetutu and Mrs Sekinat Zurakat Aderibigbe.


Otunba Yemi Saheed Lawal announced that he is supporting 20 women with #25000 as business support and he said, for now, only women can go for the actual test at the Surulere Center on Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos. He promised to do something meaningful for the men. He mentioned giving out scholarships and he asked mothers to write out the names of their children that he will support them. He also gave out 120 pieces of cards that they can go with when are going to the center so that they can be treated free of charge. While the screening was going on he called out the names of those that were present and handed over the cards to each of them.

In Otunba's speech, he stated clearly that people between the ages of 21 to 40 can visit the center on Tuesday, 41 to 60  on Wednesday, 61 to 80 on Thursday, 81 to 100 on Friday. Otunba provided an email address for the G5 foundation where they can drop their names and data. It is -[email protected]


--Reported by Lola Akinsanya.

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