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London Celebrity Lady, Teenu Temtan Reveals Life's Lesson As She Counts Down To 50

πŸ‘‰Don’t rush into any form of relationship, a relationship should add to your life and should not be your life. You can be anything you need when you take your time


πŸ‘‰Always fix yourself before fixing anyone else, you are more likely to attract toxic people if you have unresolved toxic issues


πŸ‘‰Your mental health will always be more important than anything, if taking care of yourself means letting someone down, then let them down


πŸ‘‰The relationship you have with yourself it’s the most important. People will come and go, that will not matter if you learn to love yourself in their absence


πŸ‘‰Always apologies when you are wrong, mature people have the strength to take responsibility and own their mistakes


πŸ‘‰Finally always choose your battle, never allow anyone to have control over your emotions


Count down continues Come cruise with me





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