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“Mama I will give you a personal guarantee on Sujimoto, if he doesn’t deliver his promises, hold me responsible for it!”  These were the words of Chief Dele Momodu during a business transaction where a prominent lady wanted to purchase the Sujimoto penthouses at an unbelievable discount rate of 650 Million Naira. However, naysayers were perfect at dissuading the cry for patronizing us.  Confused, she reached out to Chief Dele Momodu again for guidance. The media maestro took it upon himself to stand in the gap for Sujimoto giving a personal guarantee; though we did not close the deal, we eventually sold it at 1.2 Billion Naira.


The lesson here is that no matter what people’s intentions against you would be, it can never stop the Almighty’s blessing for you and your future. This singular act by Chief Dele Momodu has not only converted in words but also in deeds expressed his undying support for young Nigerian Entrepreneurs. This is not because Dele Momodu is benefiting a commission from the sales but because he is a man that has gone through the hardship of entrepreneurship and understands the language and difficulty of closing deals and this is why he has done it for us at Sujimoto and so many other entrepreneurs out there. He is indeed a man that will go the extra mile to promote authentic African businesses and openly show his support for quality entrepreneurs.


This is why I couldn’t help but honour and I feel honoured to have received him at our LucreziabySujimoto, Banana Island luxury condominium and also in my home invitation and feel honoured when he told me about his book – “PENDULUM: The Writings of Dele Momodu”, which captures how Nigeria became in the 90s a country, a place of peace and to escape imprisonment as in contrast to its present where the citizens choice of government has plunged the country into chaos and disruption. His book articulates his vision for Nigeria and his blueprint for achieving the Nigerian dream. 

As a young entrepreneur, I support his tenacity, I am inspired by his vision which has already become his life-long mission.  Chief Dele Momodu’s grace-to-grace story is no doubt the story of every Nigerian and an inspiration to our nation to keep working for a better Nigeria. 

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