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On Sunday 13th of March, 2022 the families of Owosho and Famakinwa Awopeju remembered their matriarch, Madam T.T.O OWOSHO

(nee Famakinwa Awopeju).She is popularly known as Iya Ijesha.She died 10years ago. 

It was a gathering of very many socialites,just as friends of Oil and Gas celebrity woman, NURAT OGUNDIPE, alias Abeke ELEPO really turned up for her.

 They really stood by her to celebrate the life of her worthy mother.

Abeke ELEPO in her short speech described her late Mum as a very compassionate mother when she was alive.And she revealed many things she missed about her.

 " My Mum, Iya Ijesha ,was a very nice woman. She was married to late T.A.B Owosho. She was the 2nd wife of my dad, but she was nice to a fault, to every member of the family.

 You cannot even differentiate her own biological children from other children. She was a qualified Nurse when she was alive. She took care of people, took delivery of pregnant women without collecting a penny from them, rather she would still give them provisions free of charge. I've never seen a person who is as compassionate as my mother, Iya Ijesha. She was just too nice. If not that we planned this in just 5 days this place wouldn't have contained the crowd.

Why? Because this woman was so good to many people. She impacted so many people's life. I missed her a lot and I'm still missing her. My children loved her to the core. There were so many things she taught me about life. I missed her every morning prayers. She would wake me up with phone call and start praying for me. I missed her food also. As a married woman I still go to my mother's house to park her soup because she knows how to cook so many meals.She was privileged to have travelled to so many places because of her career.So she learnt how to cook and prepare many soups. I missed a lot of things about her. Everybody, including my siblings, miss her a lot. My mother was a very strict woman. A disciplinarian per excellence ,but very truthful. I pray may her gently soul rest in perfect peace".

The 10th year ceremony started with prayers from the clerics. And immediately after  merriment started. Many of her friends really made the day  worthwhile, as they danced to the tunes supplied by the dj.

 Abeke ELEPO too really played host to each of her guest, she made sure that everyone was comfortable.

--Reported By SUNDAY ADIGUN.

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