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At The Classy Trad. Wedding/ Engagement Ceremony Of Shade Adenike Kester & Saheed Babatunde Odofin In LAGOS

It was a glorious day for the Kester and Odofin families in Lagos. Both are big families in the Ajiran area of Lagos. They are Land owning families. On Saturday 26th March 2022 the 2 families hosted the traditional Wedding/Engagement ceremony of their children: Shade and Saheed.


The colourful wedding was held at Royal Oaks Event Centre, at km 14, Lekki Epe Expressway, by Chisco, after Enyo filling Station Ikate, Lagos. The event was filled with Colour, Culture and Glamour. There was no dull moment, as the Yoruba Wedding traditional rites was in full swing throughout.


The Bride who looked radiant in her sparkling attire, with enough smiles to match, complemented her heartthrob, who was very dashing and exuded class like a true Prince Charming that he is. The body language shown by the Couple showed 2 people obviously and truly in love.


As is the norm, the Groom's family began proceedings when they came to pay homage and exchange pleasantries with the family of the bride.


It was after they had been comfortably seated that the Groom and his friends were invited in. He arrived in style with a large entourage (his friends looked nice in their white native and yellow caps).


As soon as he got to his in-laws, like a well-groomed Yoruba man, he prostrated as a sign of respect. He was not alone, his friends joined the great expression of respect which is held very sacredly in the Yoruba culture.


He was then showered with prayers, first by the Kester family and later by his parents and elders of his family.


With a wide smile on his face, no doubt, Saheed was enjoying every moment of the ceremony.


Accompanied by drummers, dancers, friends and family members, the delectable Bride breezed into the venue. Taking one step at a time, gracefully, like a Princess, looking so pretty in her wine native Aso Oke with gold shoe and bag to match, she danced majestically to the centre of the hall. At each step of the way, she was showered with prayers, money and applause.


Prayer is key on occasions like this, and the Bride also got this spiritual fortification aplenty from her parents and members of the Kester family. It was after this session of prayers that she was allowed to identify and join her husband.


This was a union of 2 top families and the evidence was in the number of VIPs at the ceremony. However, it must be said that the groom's father is from a royal family, but he still went round entertaining royal leaders present to ensure that guests were adequately pampered.


It must be said that in terms of planning and execution, this was one classy occasion that will linger in the hearts of many for years.


City People's Titilope Oshunlalu and Photo Journalist, Femi Aransiola were there to bring you gists of what went down at the event.





The NIKKAH ceremony where Shade and Saheed were joined together took place at the same venue of Royal Oak event centre, Lekki and was well attended by High Chiefs, Chief Immams religious leaders, families of Kester and Ajiran family. It saw the Couple showered with lots of prayers according to Islamic doctrine.




The reception was well decorated with white and lilac colours. Guests were well dressed in the orange and cream lace Aso Ebi, some guests also turned out well in sky blue lace, while the bride's friends stood out in their leave green lace with green headgear( gele).


 About The DJ


DJ Rhymes did a good job, he thrilled the guests with both old school and the latest songs.


About the BAND


Popular male Alujo artist, Laolu Gbenjo was at hand to thrill guests with his band, as well as other bands that made the guests and couple to further enjoy the day.




The party was planned by Tooshevents. Toosh was also in charge of the ushers.


Strong Wall Security did a good job ensuring safety and smooth control of the Guests in and around the Venue.


Drinks were served by FFB.


The cocktail was served by Cocktail Treat.


Omolade Catering Service was the caterer of choice.


Taste de Toks was also there, Glenmorange single malt scotch whisky served the whisky.


Kreative fruits Mobile Bar was in charge of the bar.

Triple A palm served the palm wine.


Garri Ijebu was also served.


GUESTS included:


Oba Saheed Elegushi, Oba Tijani Akinloye Ojomu of Ajiran land, Oba Ofori of Ibeshe, Oba Alahun of Imore, Oba Onigbako land,Olu of Ibasa of Ijegun land, Oba Ojomu of Ajiran, Olisa of Ajiran, Opemoluwa Ikate, Ashipa of Ajiran, Chief Anipupo of Agege kingdom, Onisasa of Isasa Akowonjo, Onimore of Imore kingdom, High chief Nurudeen, Chief Abu Akinloye, Alfa Sofiu, Mufasir, Alhaji Ismail Olowo.

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