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My Love For Cooking Made Me Set Up La Cook - Inter.Certified Caterer, Olubukola Jacobs.

Good day, can you tell Me about yourself?

 Good day; my name is Olubukola Jacobs. I am a married woman with kids: an international certified caterer and an event planning and Coordination Expert.

What was your growing up like? 

I grew up in the heart of Lagos. I was born and brought up in Festac town in a military household. Had my primary education at command children's school and my secondary education at command secondary school before I  Bagged my degree in business administration from the prestigious  University of Lagos.

What dives you into catering and events?

I have always loved cooking, and I am very good at it; I also enjoy  Organizing house parties and school functions right from my childhood days. So I decided to make my passion into my full-time job of creating and embellishing myself with the craftsmanship of décor, catering, baking, and successful planning of events.


Are you a certified USA caterer?

I will say yes because the sister company in the United States is fully certified.

The name is LA COOK LAGOS. What is the idea behind it?

LA COOK has always been my nickname right from my teenage years because I loved cookinG; everyone started Nicknaming me La' Cook, so when I decided I wanted to do this my full-time business after my master’s, and there are no employment opportunities, I decided to adopt the name I already knew. Lagos was my current location when I thought of establishing the business.


Do you plan to open a restaurant in the future?


Yes, that’s been my dream for several years now


What is the relationship between La Cook Lagos and Imoran Media Concept and Events Management?


IMORAN MEDIA CONCEPTS is the sister company of LA COOK Lagos in the United States of America. The two companies are in the same business. I am the CEO of La Cook Lagos. At the same time, my sister in law the famous Nigerian American Lady Ranti Jacobs Agbaminoja is the CEO of Imoran Media Concepts and Events Management. We both do lots of collaborations to lift one another and our businesses.

What are the types of things you do together?

La Cook Lagos packages and handle EVENTS from the Moment you start thinking about it; we add values to occasions, qualities that befit International Standard with VIP TREATMENTS such as Red Carpet,  Publicity, etc

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