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Glitz & Glamour As Top Cele Pastor's Son, Michael Olusegunfunmi Nunayon, Marries In IBADAN

 Saturday 5th February 7, 2022, was a day of joy, filled with Glitz and Glamour as Most Superior Evangelist Jacob Deji Nanayon of the Celestial Church of Christ had his loving son, Michael Olusegunfunmi Nunayon got married to Eyiyemi Omolara Jacob in grand style.


Baba Jacob Deji Nunayon is one of the shining lights of the Celestial Church of Christ. He is a renowned Prophet, Church Planter and administrator who has been active in the ministry for more than 40 years. The highly revered man of God who was born in Ajase, in the Republic of Benin will be celebrating 80 years come Saturday, February 12, 2022.

   The highly sought-after prophet in the Celestial Church of Christ currently heads the Celestial Church of Christ, Oyo Southwest Province. His sphere of influence is well felt in different countries of the world like; Nigeria, Benin Republic, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America among others.

 The one-in-town wedding ceremony was held at the Tafo Event Centre, located at Owode, 1st Gate area in Ibadan. The event was massively attended by family members, church members, friends and wishers. Some of them travelled long distances to take part in the celebration.

The Groom, Micheal Olusegun Deji Nunayon is an astute businessman who is based in Indianapolis, in the US. He deals in auto sales. He imports cars from the US. He also deals in the entertainment business. The charming bride, Omolara is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Olubunmi Jacob who hails from Ekiti state. The two love birds met in the US and from there they began their love and affection.

The engagement ceremony was quite interesting. It was anchored by 3 classy event comperes.   The duo of young and creative, Bidemi Alaga and Olori System Alaga took the role of the Alaga Ijoko (representing the bride’s family), while veteran Aunty Joy’s Event was on the Alaga Iduro role (representing the Groom’s family).

Every moment of the engagement was exciting, as both families got to know each other. Also the couples were ushered in separately.

The Groom arrived the hall in the company of his friends. They all dressed elegantly in their well-sown Aso-Ebi as they cheered the groom and escorted him to the stage. With the large pool of friends who showed up with the groom, one could deduce that Michael is noble and highly sociable among his friends. They really turned up in large numbers, adding to the fun of the engagement.

The arrival of the lovely bride was grand, as she stormed the hall in an entertaining manner. An Ekiti cultural troupe sang and chanted her Oriki (panegyric) as she approached the gathering. The bride is a good dancer. Her mother and siblings are also very good at it.   This shows that it runs in the family lineage. She displayed lots of dancing steps, in line with the songs being sung.

 Although she is based abroad, the apt dance steps she displayed showed how deeply inclined she is with her roots. She can be referred to as a core Ekiti lady.

The reception party took place in the same hall. It commenced immediately after the engagement rites were concluded. It was indeed an afternoon of celebration laced with lots of glamour.

The chairman of the Occasion was Otunba Remi Olorunshogo. He admonished the couples on how to sustain the love between them.

The ceremony was lightened up by the popular music band; Dfamous Live Band. They played to the delight of the couples, their respective families and their guests. They all took to the stage of rock the party to satisfaction.

-Reported By Jamiu Abubakar in Ibadan.

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