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Vina Progressive Association Celebrates The New Year In Grand Style


 It was the most glamorous event of the year for the Vina Progressive Association as they celebrated the New Year in style.

 The event started with Thanksgiving, networking, and different engaging games.

 The event was well attended by the elites in our society which brought class and glamour to the big day.


All Vina members from around the world came together to remember the essence of the platform and to reminisce on old memories when the group started from a blackberry group.


The Founder of the Vina Progressive Association, Mrs. Ibironke Babaita says this New Year Party is for them to celebrate together and rejoice together, despite all that happened in the last two years, they have reasons to thank almighty God.


She also added that It was an opportunity to party together and network together.


She emphasized what makes Vina special, which is the love among members and the fact that they are one big family.



The President of Vina Progressive Association, Olori Sandra Thomas said that

"It's a yearly event which was halted 2years ago due to the pandemic, this year we just had to revisit the old tradition to thank God for sparing our lives and seeing the new year" 


Thomas also added that Vina is an association that's mainly into Humanitarian & social services/activities, where they work hard, extend acts of kindness and also find time to mingle like other social clubs!


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