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All roads in Norway led to Kristiansand when Flavia Juliet Johnson recently stepped into the 4th Floor. Friends and family from both the African and Norwegian communities turned up to have an amazing weekend with one of their own.

As we all know, 40 is the new 25. Gone are the days when the big 4.0 spelt aged and outdated. Flavia like today’s 40-year-olds can give any 20 years plus a run for their money. Beautiful and hardworking, the love and support she got on the day were well worth it. One guest disclosed it was a weekend filled with love, laughter, dancing and much more, it was clear to see, the celebrant had a wonderful time

 Safe to say the city of Kristiansand “gba” when Flavia Juliet Johnston played host. The town felt that impact when a group of Africans alongside their Norwegian friends and others come together for a great time, they change the dynamics of a place, leaving a lasting positive effect.

Wishing Flavia all the best for the future.

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