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 It was with joy, pomp and pageantry, members of  IWA Inc. recently celebrated another successful fundraiser for their pet project back in Nigeria, a cause very dear to their heart. This is due to the fact that communities in the Ijaw area of the Niger Delta, although mostly surrounded by the sea, suffer lack of clean drinking water due to pollution and underdevelopment.

The Clean Water for Ijaw land is an ongoing movement. One which aims to alleviate the suffering of communities in the area ie. Shorten the distances they travel to fetch clean water for their daily uses, and also prevents the spread of water-borne diseases.

It is evident from the photos how much of a success the event was, the exciting vibe they gave, grabs you like you are part of the merriment, most especially, the eye-catching colours of their elegant Niger Delta outfit which lures you in and suddenly you fall into that “wish I was there “ moment.

On the day, members of IWA Inc. opted for red and yellow. Colours of passion, will, desire, hope and positivity, this in my opinion sums up the determination with which these selfless daughters of Ijaw land living in America hope to make complete success of their desire providing clean pipe-borne water for many rural communities in Ijaw land.

A big hearty congratulations and blessings to Ijaw Women of America Inc. Long may they continue and we look forward to their next event. Who knows yours truly might just turn up. But please don’t hold your breath.😊

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