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Celebrating Luxury Bridal Stylist, Hakeem Olaleye (Segun Gele)

This is the story of a hardworking and creative gentleman who is making waves in the fashion industry globally. His services are in high demand, which explains why he keeps travelling from one city to another. Today, he may be in London and tomorrow he is in New York or Dubai. He goes where his services are needed.

That is the story of Hakeem Olaleye, popularly known as Segun Gele. He is a Luxury Bridal Stylist.

Segun Gele has been described as the creator behind the signature style of the gele. He has been featured twice on CNN.

How did Segun Gele hit it big? He told CityPeople his story recently.

"I started as a hairdresser in 1996, transitioned into hair & Makeup in my LASU days as a student in Lagos, then added Gele to it as the 1st ever male Trio to do Hair, Makeup & Gele before relocating to the US in 2001."

What does a bride who wants him to style her need to do we asked him?

"Simply have confidence in my work and trusting me to deliver. They need to know what they want, have their style inspiration in mind and be open to expert advice."

What are the range of services he offers? "I solely transitioned from makeup and gele into bridal styling. Serving both the Bride & Groom along with The Bridal Party." So busy and favoured is he that he just did a spectacular 40th Birthday in Dubai this past weekend and he is off to Kenya on Monday. 

He has a busy schedule and he has a way he accommodates all his potential customers, along with his existing clients. One thing he has going for him is that he is good at what he does. He is a clear leader in his industry.

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