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UK Based, Naija Film Maker, Tosin Akintokun Talks About Her New Cinema Movie

Tosin Akintokun is a brilliant filmmaker. She is a very, very accomplished professional who is doing so well. She likes to call herself a content provider.

The big news is that her new movie will be premiered in a few days in Lagos, Nigeria, and she recently told CityPeople her success story.

We started our chat by asking her to introduce herself and what she does. She was so humble about it. "My name is Tosin Akintokun. I refer to myself as a Content creator. I guess you can also call me a Producer.  However, I believe I still have a lot to learn in this journey but I am enjoying what I do."

We also asked her to tell us how she has been able to sustain her interest abroad. Where is she based exactly? And where does she operate from, we asked her?

"I am based in both the UK and Lagos. It is challenging sustaining my interest in creating content because I maintain full employment as a contractor and create content on the side. This means I have to travel a lot and juggle my time between my career and my creating content."

How did her love for acting start, we asked ."I started gaining an interest in producing content three years ago when I noticed that the platforms in the UK have few contents celebrating artistic achievements in Africa, especially Nigeria. We are not just about poverty and corruption. We create beautiful productions in the entertainment industry. I then decided to start a series titled Keeping it Real Nollywood whereby I showcase the artistic talents within the Nollywood industry and celebrate achievements.

This series was well received and aired on Vox Africa, and currently airing on Sky UK channels. I then decided to take the leap of faith to produce my first feature film which is being released in Nigeria on the 19th of November and the Uk on the 27th of December."

What is her new movie all about What? She was so excited to tell us. "What Happened at St JAMES is a story that centers on three boys connected by a secret which later on becomes exposed. It’s a story that highlights challenges we all face as individuals when we are consumed by secrets of our past. It is a movie which recognises and celebrates sacrifices made by people for you and I. It could be a parent or a teacher or housemaster.

 Whoever that person is we recognise their sacrifices and the way they forgave our flaws. It is also a story that shows human beings in a different light. Never assume people are who they make out to be! I don’t want to give too much away. All I can say is people need to watch this movie!"

Where was she born? Where did she grow up? "I was born in Nigeria, so I am proudly Nigerian. I grew up in Lagos and live in the UK with my husband.

 Life in the Uk has its ups and downs and the most important for me is to showcase Nigeria in the best possible way by celebrating our talents, culture, traditions, way of life including our eccentricities. This is what makes us unique!

 I am proudly Nigerian and my desire is for us to get to a place of excellence in terms of our standing on the global map. We are still a long way but with each of us giving our best we can make a change one day."

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