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Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe Talks About Genesis Global's 19th December Harvest In LAGOS


As you read this, Genesis Global Church is seriously preparing for the forthcoming Harvest which holds annually. The founder of the church, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe is equally excited about it. He and the members of the church are looking forward to this exciting event which promises to be colourful.

A few days back, this dynamic man of God told CityPeople what to expect at this year's Harvest, scheduled to hold on the 19th of December 2021.

Below are excerpts of the interview.


What do we expect at this year's Harvest?


 An encounter of the Supernatural through the unusual visitation of the Holy Spirit.


What is the significance of this event?


First, it's a yearly event that connotes giving back bountifully our profits to Jehovah. All CELESTIAL church observes this, yearly, but GENESIS GLOBAL is a double Celebration of the UNMERITED grace of life as against the plans of the enemy against the church.


How did you and the church bounce back within so short a time?


Our bouncing back can only be accrued to Jehovah. The one who called me as His Prophet, The one who sent me on an errand that I can't refuse. The Mastermind of GENESIS GLOBAL itself. To Him be all the GLORY.


What have you been up to all these months since you came back?


The assignment has changed completely. The activities are not human-based ideas. We recorded some exploits at the Correctional facility which gave birth to the release of some inmates on a daily basis.

We have a Prison ministry that is phenomenal, beyond the normal gifting. It's the release of the captive. I can't explain it.

Again, The Holy Spirit commanded a 6months midnight prayer online, since June and the outpouring of testimonies has exceeded my expectations.

 We had APOSTOLIC VISITATION/ AWARDS NIGHT etc...The church of God is indeed moving on!


What are we to expect from the church and you in the coming months?


I am a Prophet that takes instructions from JEHOVAH ahead of each year and I can tell you that 5 to 10 years plans are given already.

 How it will be done is all to Him.  But surely, the church will be invading Ikeja and Lekki of Lagos with new chapters of worship. It's awesomeness overload, Still, All power, Plans, and execution belong to God!



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