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CityPeople Celebrates Wave Making Gospel Singer, Apekeola.

She is one of the hottest Gospel singers making waves on the scene right now. She is good. And she is doing so well. She is the one everybody is talking about right now.

Her stage name is Apekeola. But her real name is Oshaji Oluwakemi Sarah. CityPeople spoke to her a few days back about her rise and rise.

How did music start for her we asked? "I started singing from church" explains.

How has the journey been so far? "It has not been easy though, but with God’s Grace, I have been moving. I have faced so many challenges as a female gospel artist. Mostly moving my guys to ministration has not been easy ....we will need to hire a bus or we use a public bus ....with that, we still won't get to the venue early, or is it the issue of so-called men of God asking me out ....some will ask what I need most in my ministry and after telling they will want to have something with me before they help ....but I thank for my life ...I keep moving by is grace."

How did she start her career? "I started from church, the apostolic church Ipaja ...I started my band then 15 years ago ....with that I still did backup to get more money for my family."

Has she produced singles? "I released my 1st album in 2018 titled: Wonders... I have different singles too."

How did she get her stage name? "My husband gave me that name Apekeola.....my real name is Oshaji Oluwakemi Sarah...Now Dada Oluwakemi Sarah (Apekeola Ogbogofolemi)".

Where was she born? Where did she grow up? "I was born in Lagos ...I grew up in Ipaja Ayobo."

"I attended Legend Private School, Community Sec School, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education."

What is she working on nowadays? "I am working on my new album ...Ogbogofolemi"

When did she start singing? "I started singing at the age of 11 years and I started backing up at the age of 14years."


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