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Celebrating Beautiful UK Veteran Movie Star, Queen Joe Akinlotan.

 Queen Joe Akinlotan is well respected among movie practitioners in the UK.

The reason is pretty obvious. She has paid her dues "I have been in the Movie industry since 2004/05, with both ANTP UK (Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners UK) and TABA UK (The Association of Black Artists UK), respectively, and I have recently joined TAMPAN."


"I have done a lot of Adverts, which were placed at the beginning of Nollywood Movies. I have also participated in the Advert for the 50th Independence Birthday of Nigeria, which is currently on YouTube. I have featured in 8-10 or more movies with most of the Biggest Nigerian Movie Stars.

 Unfortunately, both associations are no longer in existence. I don’t know what happened to our movies. I can remember some of the titles; Oke ga ju oke, The Touch, In da Salon, etc. I was also in a Dancing Troupe, in which we danced for the former British Prime minister, Tony Blair. Babangida too was on our list, when he visited us in LondonI held posts for both ANTP cum TABA.


How has she been able to sustain her interest in the movie industry? "It is simple. Once there is a great passion for what you do, I don’t see anything challenging, but of great interest, is knowing that your performance is making people happy out there. This is the greatest joy anyone can seek."


Where was she born? Where did she grow up? "I was born in the UK and went to Nigeria with my parents. I was in Nigeria for 21 years. I schooled from Primary school through University, at Aminu Kano Community College for my  School Cert,  Kofar Mata School of Midwifery Kano state, Nigeria 1988-1991, South Thames College, 2009-2010 (Access to Higher Education),  Hertfordshire University, Nursing, 2011-2013,  London College of business and finance, Health and Social Care 2013-15.

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