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Canada Based Actor, Olalekan Adedeji Talks About His 14 Years In Nollywood.

Olalekan Adedeji is very good at what he does. He is an actor who lives in Canada.  Although Olalekan Adedeji is an actor in Canada he has worked on movies in the US and Canada and was also an actor back in Nigeria 11 years ago. 

A few days ago, CityPeople chatted with him and he revealed a lot about his success story.

"I am an Actor and also a Healthcare professional, "he explained.  "I have worked in over 30 hospitals within the United States and Canada supporting Healthcare Informatics."

How did acting start for him we asked?"  It started in Nigeria back in the year 2007. I used to be part of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and also I used to go for rehearsals at Surulere and Abule Egba. I started auditioning and was cast for a role in a TV series titled Fishersville.

I was also a cast in Fidelis Duker's - Girl Next Door TV series and that was how it kicked off and I featured in Iyami, Aseopotoyi, Enu ose, Enimakure, and went ahead to produce my own movie titled Opin Ife wa."

For how long has he been acting? "I have been acting since the year 2007 in Nigeria before I moved abroad." 

How easy has it been coping with acting abroad? "Well, it has not been easy and I almost completely forgot about acting until Mistura Asunramu cast me for her movie titled Aye Ajifa in Texas and that was how the fire was rekindled and I have gone ahead to feature in movies titled Kudi dollar, what went wrong, Around, Exhale and Canada Network movie coming out soon.

Who are the other actors he rolls with in Canada? " I have worked and rolled with star actress Lola Alao, Murphy Afolabi, Boy Alinco, Fadekemi Momoh, Nosa Obaseki, Amanda Ebiye, Kayode Akinbayo, Wale Adelani, Abolade Conor, Oluwakemi Abiodun and a host of others." 

Where was he born and bred? "I was born and raised in Lagos. I attended SS Peter and Paul Primary School and went ahead to Igbobi College Yaba and further up to Yaba College of Technology and I got my IT training from Houston Texas."

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