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Boston Based Actress & Movie Producer, Adenike Fisher Talks About Her Success Story.


Nike Fisher is one of the Naija actresses based in the US. She is good at what she does. She not only acts, but she is also a Movie producer. She is highly talented. A few days ago, she spoke to CityPeople about her success story. Below are excerpts.


Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living...

My name is Adenike Fisher, I am an actor and I also work as a rehabilitation specialist at a rehab center in the U S.A.

How did acting start for you?

Acting has always been part of me, I watched them act in my house back in Nigeria in the late '90s and I got so fascinated with it and acted one or two scenes in 2002. I started acting professionally in 2016.

You have been acting now for how long?

I participated in some roles back in 2002, but I started acting professionally in 2016.

How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?

It has been challenging combining acting with my job as a rehabilitation specialist and being a wife and a mother. But my determination and love for acting have kept me going. Also, my husband and my kids are very supportive and always want to see me succeed.

Who are those actors you roll with abroad?

I am close to quite a lot of actors here abroad, but to mention a few,  Mistura Asunramu, Tunde Owokoniran, Bigvai Jokotoye, Tawa Ajisefini.

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Which schools did you attend?

I was born in Lagos Nigeria and grew up in Lagos. I also attended Keke primary school, Community high school Akowonjo, after which I went to Aviation school, before moving to the US. I attended Boston Community College, then LA Newton Cosmetology School.

 Is it true you are working on some new movies? Tell us about them...

Yes, I am working on 2 great movies, Ajike the tailor and Goldsmith. The movies are educative and suspense-filled. These movies will have the audience glued to their seats. Ajike the tailor is a movie that educates the public about the aftermath of quick riches while Goldsmith is a murder mystery movie that is full of suspense.

What has helped you succeed in your career?

It is not easy being a working-class woman, a mother, a wife, and an actress on the side. But all I can say is God has been there for me. Also, my husband and children have been very supportive, they understand the nature of my job. They share in my passion for acting and want to see me succeed in it.

My staying power is my love and passion for acting. The determination to excel on the job through all odds. Acting has been my dream since when I was in my teens. I am happy I am following my dream.

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