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US Celebrity Big Boy, Baba Enny Reveals How He Plans To Celebrate His 50th

The Big news in Texas right now is the 50th birthday of the man everyone calls Baba Enny. His birthday holds on Saturday 18th. But there will be a party the day before. It is the party before the real party.

How does he plan to celebrate his 50th birthday, CityPeople asked him a few days ago?

"I plan to host friends and well-wishers who in spite of their tight schedule have agreed to come around and felicitate with me on my birthday. We will be having a prayer section cum short party in my house, and thereafter we will be having a boat cruise party."

Baba Enny as a devoted Christian supports missionary work, and the advancement of Christianity both home, in Nigeria and the US.

As a philanthropist, he has assisted several indigent students with scholarships. He is also a lover of sports and a die-hard fan of Dallas Cowboy. He loves music. When it comes to food, he loves his native food.

How does he see turning 50? "I see it as a blessing from God and I realise my being alive today to witness my 50 birthday  is not by my making, but due to the infinite mercy of God that endureth for ever. I cannot but look back today as I turn 50, without remembering the good people around me that gave me the necessary supports to become who I am today.

Most especially my parents, and my wife, my children, siblings, and other members of my family.  I cannot underestimate the support that I receive from friends, business associates, community leaders as well as well-wishers.  They are all my pillar of strength."

Below are his younger brothers and sisters:

Seun: (Dublin), Dapo: (London), Yetunde (Dublin), Lande: (London) and the Last born, Tolu.

Let us tell you about his senior brothers & sisters. They are Aburo Bolanle Mosun; London Baba Houston Lara: NC. All these are Eniola Odunaiya's senior brothers and sisters.

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