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LONDON Celebrity Lady, SANAYAT AMODEMAJA Loses Mum, Mama Alaso


These are sad times for beautiful London Celebrity Lady, Sanayat Amodemaja and her siblings. This is because they lost their mum a few days back.

Her mum is Alhaja Maliki Mopelola Titilayo Apinke Amodemaja.

Alhaja is popularly called Mama Alaso, aya S A Amodemaja and she enjoyed working and enjoyed indoor life.She was an introvert and was called Aya Baba Counsellor. She is survived by 6 children, with grandchildren.

She is a native of Abeokuta,from Kemta area. Mama loved buying and selling but worked with her husband,as a hotelier on the other hand too.

 After haajj they gave up to a quiet life and blissful ending.

Mama's daughter,Sanayat Amodemaja a London base practitioner and youth lover for empowerment. Her passion for care and empathy remains undissolved. She is a simple loving grandmother and socialite and she loves celebrating others .

Mama was a very hardworking woman who gave everything up to please her husband.

She has since been buried according to Muslim rites.

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