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The Oloko Family Of Ibadan Celebrates The Wedding Of Their Son In Grand Style, As Adedayo Marries Oluwaseun.

On Saturday 7th of August 2021, the Oloko family of Ibadan came together with the Bakare Family to celebrate the successful wedding ceremony of their children Adedayo Bakare and Oluwaseun Oloko which took place on Thursday the 5th of August 2021.

All roads led to Vintage Point Event Center in Ikeja, Lagos. Guests came in dressed in bright orange lace material and pink lace material from the bride's family accompanying their attires with the matching Gele and accessories.

 The hall was well set by Eventbyomousi and her team as all of the colours set in place made the event look more beautiful. They had the pictures of the couples in the hallway, while a fairy tale stage was set for the bride and groom. The event started at noon as MC Ayulah called on the groom's Family with Okiki band playing danceable Fuji music.

After the groom's parent danced in, the brides family were also called on to dance to their seats. After the parents were well seated, Mc Ayulah called on Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olakin as the chairman of the day while Pastor Yinka Olayioye was called on to give the opening prayers.

After this, the bride and groom were called on to make their entrance. Then came on after a long queue of their friends showing off lots of dance moves, while Dj Fizzle Lee kept on playing beautiful hip hop music.

As the couples danced in the Olubadan of Ibadan and, his Olori and his entourage walked in with trumpets and drums to announce the presence of the royals. Everyone took their turn to honour the Olubadan of Ibadan including the bride and groom as he said some words of prayer. MC Ayulah then called on the bride, groom and their friends to play numerous interesting games. After this, he called on the groom to dance with his mother, while the bride in turn danced with her father amidst joyful tears. Mc Ayulah then called on the couple to cut the cake and offer their first duty as man and wife, serving themselves some cake.

 The event came to an end with dancing to songs sang by Okiki Band while lots of pictures were taken to keep the memories of a beautiful wedding reception.

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