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Madam Rosana Morenike Eso celebrates 80 in Grand style.



On Saturday  14th August, 2021, Mrs Rosana Morenike Eso celebrated her 80th birthday. The event started with a short service at St. Peter's Church, located at Broad Street, Lagos Island. The service began with arrival of guests in their numbers.The opening hymn was taken in unison with smiles on the faces of the guests.

The Bible reading was taken by Mr Samuel Oluwaseun Eso ,while the second Bible reading was read by Mrs Oluwaseun Morenike Adegunwa.

 After this, a short message was delivered by Rev.Dr.Obafemi Aderibigbe. The communion came after this as guests joined the celebrant in thanking God.

 The closing prayer was said and all roads led to Campbell event center, located on Campbell Street in Lagos Island.


The hall is located on the 5th floor of the tall and huge building and was decorated by Madam Anne, the CEO of Executive Cordinators.

The entrance of the hall was lavished with beautiful flowers and petals adorning the large pictures of the celebrant in two different ways.

The hall had a runway decorated with some archs covered in flowers, while the stage also had the large picture of Madam Rosana Morenike Eso and a well placed gold cake by Sweet Indulgent by Ola.

 All guests arrived at the venue, while the celebrant prepared for her grand entry.  Madam Rosana Morenike Eso, danced in,dressed in a gold lace material and matching gele danced in with her son Mr. Oluwasegun Eso, guests and her favourite Ifeloju Society.

 Mr Omowale Olunlade and the Rhythm and sound band sang beautiful tungba music as the celebrants danced in. Mc Anchor Master took the stage to appreciate the young looking Mama at 80.

 After this ,he called on Mr Kunle Dina, Professor Femi, Mrs Bisi Adebanjo who represented the Ifeloju Society and a host of many others to say a few words about the celebrant.

 The opening prayer was by Venerable SA Orioye and a brief biography of the celebrant was read by Mc Anchor Master afterwards.

 The celebrant changed into another monotone lace dress and a matching fascinator cap on her head. Madam Rosana Morenike Eso again danced with her son and a few family members towards her cake. Mr Mate was called on to coordinate the cutting of the cake, after which plenty  of pictures were taken with family and friends, while Dj Shegzy played music from the 80's.

The event was brought to an end with the celebrant dancing to the music played by Mr Omowole Olunlade and the Rhythm and sound band.

      By Dammilola

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