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Countdown To The Burial Of Madam Olufunmilayo Iyabo Ayeni In Ilesa

This is about a forthcoming burial ceremony which promises to be grand going by all the arrangements that have been put in place by the children and family members of the deceased.

It is about the burial of beautiful Madam Olufunmilayo Iyabo Ayeni who passed on to Glory on Friday 30th April 2021. Burial arrangements are as follows. 

On Friday 20th August is the Christian Wake Keep & Lying in state. The following day is the  Funeral Service in Ilesa. There will be Home Service & Interment at her residence in ilesa. Reception follows at Kings Hall Event Centre.

Her lovely daughters, Wumi & Yemi are seriously planning a befitting burial ceremony.

Wumi recently told CityPeople what she will miss about her late mum.

"My mother was my pillar, my strong support system," she explained. In her Tribute she wrote:

 "To the world, you were one person, but to me, you were my world. You didn’t have so much, but we always felt like we had everything. You left a legacy worth more than millions. You were always there for us all even those who weren’t your biological children called you mother."


"No one can really understand the pain of going through life without such an important part of you."


"You taught me love, patience and perseverance. You taught me how to pray and you were always there to pray for me. You loved me to a fault and always point my mistakes to me in the most loving manner."


"Your absence has left me naked and it’s been so hard to move on. I know you will want me to be happy again and move on. I have made up my mind to hold on to every memory we made and ride with it. I love you forever my mother, my irreplaceable, my prayer partner and my indefatigable hero."

Wumi's sister, Yemi has also revealed what she will miss about their mum.

"My mum was a very loving wife, a caring mum, fantastic sister, a beloved daughter, and the best friend anyone could ever wish to have. My mum could sit down and listen to anything that people were saying. She had time for anyone and everyone. My mum is someone that everyone could ever have as a mum. I hope life is better where you are now my beautiful angel..... I miss you more than you know mum and my heart aches every time I remember you are gone......

Goodbye Mum. Until we meet to part no more."

Celebrating Her 68th birthday

Grandma with her luvly girls OLAYEMI AND OLAWUMI

Grandma with Yemi and Wumi with the Chairman himself

Grandma with her daughter and her granddaughter, Kofoworola

Grandma with her daughter and her granddaughter

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