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Hajia Sherifat shuts down Dele Ibidun Street to celebrate mother's 1 year remembrance

US Based,Hajia Sherifat Abu,Hosts 1st Year Remembrance of Her Mum,Alhaja Mulikatu Apinke Oyebola,In Lagos 

Many of the celebrities who attended the party won't forget the Glitz and Glamour they witnessed there.Those who could not make it,are also  regretting having missed out of the fun at the party .

On the 10th of July, 2021, Hajiyah Sherifat Abu and her family members took the day to celebrate the life of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who died in the US  in 2020 at the age of 91.

 Dele Ibidun Street in Agege was locked down as D&S Event began to decorate as soon as her crew members got to the venue. Family members also walked around to make the place ready for the celebration.

 The clerics were first to arrive, as Hajia Sherifat and her family members came to honor them.

 The Fidua prayer started immediately, as guests continued to arrive in the process. Alfa Ustaz Abdul-Kareem immediately took up the prayers chanting  Islamic notes. He also read from the Holy Quran,as he thanked God for the blissful passage of Alhaja Mulikatu Apinke Oyebola.  He also acknowledged the presence of the Dopemu Asalatu group and Agege Asalatu group, as they stood up to support Hajia Sherifat and her family. 

He also called on Hajia Sherifat,  Alhaja Oyindamola(grand-daughter), Alhaja Tawakalitu, Alhaja Kudirat and all other sons and daughters of Alhaja Mulikatu Apinke Oyebola to pray for them. 

Hajia Sherifat also stood up to to say a few words as she broke down in tears. Sheike Ali started the Fidau prayer by reciting various Arabic verses, while Alfa Ustaz ended the Fidau prayer with words of condolences for the family. 

   The reception started as soon as D&E event and her crew made a quick change to the venue giving it another beautiful look. Dj Aket2 kept on playing beautiful Fuji music ,as guests were served various dishes.

 Hajia Sherifat and her daughter Alhaja Oyindamola changed from their white lace materials to a sequence green lace material mixed with a multicoloured ankara material accompanied with a green head tie.

 Alhaja Mulikatu Apinke Oyebola will be forever remembered in their hearts.

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