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Gists From The 40 Under 40 CEO Summit And Dinner, Held In LAGOS



On Sunday, 27th June 2021, the Young International Entrepreneur Summit (YIES) came together to appreciate and celebrate 40 Under 40 CEOs in the business world.

 The event took place at the classy Oriental Hotel, in Lekki Lagos State.  The event hall was well decorated and the organisers complied with the Covid_19 protocols. The backdrop and the red carpet stood at the lobby of the hall.  The event started at 5 pm, as awardees came in their numbers. Some could be seen walking arm-in-arm with their spouses.

Some of the notable awardees were Nancy Isime, Eunice Adeoye, Arome Okeme, Victor Dubem, Oluwaseun aka Dr Phoz, Osifo  Evans. All in all, 40 of them were honoured. The event started with a wonderful opening remark by the event host of the day, Elesho Moyosoreoluwa

She started with a summary of what the Young International Entrepreneurs Summit (YIES) was all about and how it had in so many ways tried to help increase the number of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. She then went ahead to invite Nancy Isime, a fast rising journalist, actor and businesswoman to come up stage to open the floor by telling guests the story of her journey so far as a young entrepreneur at the age of 29.

 Nancy Isime in her speech pointed out so many interesting facts about herself and her notion about life and business. With Nancy Isime up the stage, lots of other young entrepreneurs kept asking questions and she answered them appropriately. 

The MC, Elesho Moyosoreoluwa also took the time to invite 4 other Top Under 40 CEO's who are Awardees, like Bisi Akintayo, Ambassador Festus Oludiyo, Ikemba, the representative of Freeman Oshonuga and Micheal Agbajiowu, as members of the panel of an interactive session on How to manage and own a business effectively in Nigeria.

They also helped other entrepreneurs present to brainstorm on the present challenges facing promising businesses and Nigeria and how to manage them. They also talked about their individual social responsibilities and charity functions, citing the importance of humanitarian services.

Then came the time for the award presentation, as the MC began to call nominees out to receive their awards. Nominees could be seen receiving the awards with big smiles and joy.

 The 40 under 4 0 entrepreneurs Summit is an inspirational event that will continue to aid the rise in brilliant innovations and entities making Nigeria an easier place to live.

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