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Juju Singer, Ronke Olusesi Reveals What She Will Miss About Her Late Dad

Ronke Olusesi is a beautiful Juju musician who is also a great entertainer. She is blessed with a good, sonorous voice and a tantalising figure that makes her a delight to watch on stage.

The sad news is that for weeks now she has been in deep mourning over the loss of her dad, Special Apostle Prophet Thaddeus Olusesi whose burial comes up on the 29th of May 2021 at the Railway Institute inside Nigeria Railway compound, Ebute Metta.

What will she miss most about her late dad, CityPeople asked her a few days ago? "Haaaaaaa, a lot. I can't even begin to take stock."

"Haaa, a lot ooo..."

"Firstly, I miss giving him his allowance every weekend."

"I could remember vividly he woke me up around 2.30 am he advised me not to marry a Muslim and people from Ibadan.  I just laughed and I said daddy, daddy"

"He responded by saying Ronke mo mo nkan ti mo nso oo"

"Plenty talk about daddy", she added. "There is a lot to say."

"Anyone could of course be a father, but the virtue of bringing a child into the world, but not everyone deserves to be accorded the title of an IRREPLACEABLE FATHER.

Oh, my mirror -PA Thaddeus Yisa Olusesi.  Death took you away from me at a time I least expected.  At first, I didn't realise the weight of what has come my way until you were placed 6 feet below. Then it dawned on me that truly, you have departed from this sinful world.

Talking of the things I miss about my father, in all sincerity, I miss basically everything about you that words alone can't express enough.  Your words of encouragement in all facets of life, materials, career, knowledge, just to mention a few. Either life brings it smooth or not, your words were always directed at me being patient and having faith in a better tomorrow and to the glory of God your words are now gradually paying off.

I miss how I used to send money to you weekly, all your medical checkups that we went for together. It was all a part and parcel of me to the extent that adjusting after your demise was tough, oh! the way you used

"I miss the way you call my name ABIKE ADERONKE. It is a soothing relief in all ways on its own. I wished I could have been able to spend much more time with you, but who are we to question the will of God? I have been crying, crying, crying.  I love you, but God loves you more. Continue to rest in peace my IRREPLACEABLE FATHER."

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