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CityPeople Photojournalist, Olalekan Weds Hearthrob In Lagos


It was a great moment of celebration of love when CityPeople photo journalist, Olalekan Oduola Onaolapo wedded his pretty bride, Yetunde Fatima Shitta Bey on Sunday, December 20, 2020.


The events which took place in area of Lagos started with a Nikkah ceremony followed by a very colourful traditional engagement ceremony to join the lovebirds together.


Friends, family members, Lagos based journalists and many Lagos socialites were present and added colour to the glamorous program.


The bride, Yetunde hails from the popular Shitta-Bey family from Lagos and works with a Lagos state government in Lagos.


An elated Olalekan while speaking to THECONSCIENCE at the event expressed happiness and great joy at the opportunity to formalize his love life. He said, "I feel happy and excited to join the train of married lovers. My bride is my joy and the best thing to have ever happened to me. I will always choose her over and above every other thing.


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