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London Fabric Merchant, Hajia Laposh Cioni - Agoro Set To Hold 40 Day Fidau Prayers for Mum

 In London, Hajia Kafila Laposh Cioni-Agoro is big. She is also very popular. She is the Iyalaje Adini of UK. She is a big Fabric merchant in London. She is the CEO of CIONI Textiles, a well established Fabric store.

She is beautiful. She is stylish and Fashionable. Many women love her because she is a nice woman who is always ready to help. And she is one celebrity woman who is there for every body.

The big news is that she will be holding 40-day Fidau prayer for her mum, Alhaja Aolat Adeyanju Abeke Adegbesan (nee Adelekan) on Saturday 14 November in Abeokuta. Her loving mum died at 87 on 2nd October 2020.

Plans are in top gear for the party which promises to be a big one.

Full Live Coverage by Citypeople TV

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