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Tips on how to be a fashion designer By Seun Elegushi

Fashion is one of the things that appear not to lose it’s touch in our society, as fashion ever continues to expand and evolve. It is not a surprise that a lot of people, especially models are interested in becoming fashion designers, if you are one in the category of desiring to become a fashion designer, then this post is for you. In this post I am going to be discussing about tips you can put into action in becoming a fashion designer.

Fashion Design
According to Wikipedia- Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. Because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, designers must at times anticipate changes to consumer tastes.

Tips on how to be a fashion designer using your android phone and leverage.
The essential and ideal method to become a fashion designer is to go to a school of fashion where you are taught how to sow, the use of sowing machines and the likes.
It is important to note that their are different types of fashion designers as their are different type of models, a person can be a traditional fashion designer, meaning sowing clothes/designing clothes to the taste of the locality they are in. For example, in Nigeria, those who specialise in Ankara design are traditional fashion designer.

While their are fashion designers who deal with modern wears like T-shirts, Thumb shirts, long sleeves, Jeans etc.
Now I will be discussing with you my methods or how you can go about your fashion line business, how to become a fashion designer with just your android phone, creativity and leverage.

Sketch down your ideas on drawing paper and if you don’t know how to draw, its okay, you can simply design your ideas on any graphic design apps on your android phone. Its not compulsory you know how to sow to be a fashion design, but mind you it depends on the type of fashion designer you want to be.

leverage on other made fashion designers who can create does ideas of yours. Its not compulsory you need to know how to sow before you can become a fashion designer, you can simply design your wears and give those designs to tailors or other fashion designers to help you create them, bing them to life, and then you sell them as your own, of course the tailors and fashion designers will definitely get their own commission (money) but the time to sow, the sowing, imprinting, everything it requires to bring your own design to life will be done by other fashion designers who are good and skilled in those areas and all you have to do is design them and sell as your own. This is what works for me as a fashion designer and also has worked for other fashion designers that I have meet and worked with. And when partnering with other fashion designers, make sure they are very good fashion designers and produce quality work.

Create your own brand, create your logo, your trade mark, what ever it is to differentiate your fashion brand from others. As a fashion designer, you need a name to distinguish you, a name that makes you look unique. For example, my fashion brand name is “EOA FASHION LINE”. A name makes you stand out, and in choosing, chose wisely.
Tip4 – Do your research, fashion business like any other business require research, time, work, sacrifices and money. It is a lie if anyone tells you that any business is easy. To start a business is not easy, it is like nurturing a new born baby into maturity. Know your customers, know they type of customers you aim to target, study your location, know the type of budget and price you want to place on your products.
Tip 5 – work on your publicity. My own personal advice, publicise on social medias like Instagram, Twitter where a lot of fashion enthusiasts spend most of their time on, also on fashion and modeling blogs, advertise to those platforms, pay to get your brand advertised on those platforms if you have to, remember we spend to earn and any money spent on business is an investment.

These tips are what works for me, what I have done, and I have made money out of it as well as being called a fashion designer. Not compulsory you have the skills to sow or imprint or whatever it is to produce a T-shirt, as long you can design the shirts, you are the brain behind everything, you can be a fashion designer. Definitely you will have to develop the essential skills overtime along the line, but what I am trying to say is that you don’t need to wait till that time as long as you can leverage on other people skills in bringingbyour designs to life. Not everyone will agree with me on this, but I am sure everyone can agree that not all who desire to be fashion designers like sowing, Versace does not sow all his clothes himself, Moschino will definitely have designers who design their latest wears.
So here you have it. My tips on how to become a fashion designer using your android phone and leverage.

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