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He is one of the most popular music promoters in the UK. He is Big. He is good and he has paid his dues. Over the last few years he has worked with many big artistes and he has promoted with new ones. He is quite popular in the UK where he promotes and manages artistes. Adekunle Ademeso is the CEO of Esho Promotions UK. Many also call him Franklin, his English name.

City People Online spoke to him a few days ago on his success story and he revealed a lot about what he does. "I do everything Entertainment ", he explains.  ”I am not shy to do anything for Entertainment. Esho Promotions promotes popular and upcoming artistes. I discover new artistes. I manage artistes on stage. I do live coverage on stage.

I supply artistes for event s and entertainment. I do jingles and adverts. I do music promotion for churches. I do voice over and online jingles. I started my business by managing artistes on stage. Esho Promotions UK started in 2013

A friend was looking for a stage manager. The artiste is Dare Majemu. He sings in the UK. He told a friend who called me to ask if l could get a manager to manage an artiste on stage on that Saturday he called me in 2013. I asked for the address. l went for the show. l managed the artiste that day and it opened my eyes to many possibilities. I was using a Black Berry phone then. I snapped every activity at the party on stage. After that day he gave me 5 shows. I also got him 2 shows. 1 in Nigeria and 1 in London.

That was how I discovered that I had the charisma for it. l was pasting photos on social media. That was how he became popular. I was managing him and pasting him on Facebook. I get shows for him. That was how I decided to go fully into show promotion. That was how officially Esho Promotions began and other artistes began to call me that we saw what you did for Dare can you do it for us. That was how I started managing them on stage and get shows for them.

Over the years he has worked with a lot of big names like K1, Paso, Alao Malaika, Yinka Ayefele, SSP, Tope Alabi and many other stars. He has also managed  many London artistes like Sunny Melody, Segun Blessing, Segun Nabby, Sola Michael, Segun Michael.
He is doing so well. He also  comes to Lagos to handle shows.

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